AI-generated creator Ariande Silver becomes world’s first “AI Ring Girl” for Strike Fight Xtreme Main Event Premier

Leading AI-creator Ariande Silver has revealed she’s set to become the world’s first AI-generated ring girl at a major MMA fighting event this weekend.

In partnership with SFX (Strike Fight Xtreme) and Sport Buff, Ariande will break new ground at the upcoming Origins event – appearing within the TrillerTV broadcast during the fight to update and entertain fans. 

The AI creator, who has accumulated thousands of fans across social media channels like Instagram, Fanvue and TikTok, rakes in a staggering £10k per month from her subscribers on fanvue. Her growing profile has opened the door to brand opportunities and now she will star on fight night this weekend.

Live viewers will be able to engage with Ariadne from the first bell to the last – with fans encouraged to pick their favourite fighter’s team allegiance Red or Blue then interact with Ariande using Sport Buff technology. Viewers will unlock rewards including a Red or Blue exclusive outfit based on their team results on the night. 

The real life female creator behind Ariande, commented:

“The growth in the AI creator economy means opportunities for AI creators are popping- up in all areas of sport and entertainment. Ariande has steadily grown a loyal fanbase which has helped open the door to appearances like being one of the stars of the show on fight night. Ariande will bring a new and unique experience to fight fans this weekend and it’s an exciting moment for her dedicated followers to watch this next step in her journey.”

Aside from fight fans’ being able to make their Red or Blue team selection within the broadcast – the experience will enable them to vote on “fight of the night”, and decide which fighters will be interviewed first.

Benn Achilleas, CEO at Sport BUFF, commented:

“Fight Fans are consistently the most engaged sports fans and signing up Ariande to be the world’s first AI ring girl reflects an exciting part of the live fight night – translating it into a new digital experience for viewers around the world. 

Unlike real life ring girls, viewers can now interact with digital ambassadors. Together with Fanvue we are all pushing the boundaries of modern day Sports Broadcasting. It’s time to take the experience from Passive to Interactive”

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About Sport Buff:

Sport Buff is the leading viewer engagement technology engaging millions of viewers across major sports tournaments and broadcasters worldwide, including the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar, 2023 FIFA Womens World Cup, Sky Sports, and RTL. Sport Buff is the tool for viewers to interact with their sports creating engaging experiences for fans, and data and sales for sports rights.


About SFX:

Strike Fight Xtreme (SFX) is a premier strike fighting event that showcases the best of the best in martial arts. With a groundbreaking fusion of fighting styles, athleticism, and entertainment, SFX delivers an electrifying experience for fans worldwide. SFX 01 : Origins is the first in a series of global championship events. SFX leadership includes up to 6th dan practitioners and Olympic, Commonwealth, World, European, US, UK Open Champions.