After working with Sport Buff, a company that specialises in fan interaction and gamification for broadcast and media applications, the Entain Group’s partypoker brand hopes to make Twitch viewers a core part of the action.

Sport Buff will work with the company to improve the viewing experience on the poker brand’s Twitch site, partypokerTV, in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian.

In order to provide poker fans with a better viewing experience, the channel regularly live-streams the final tables of partypoker’s online series matches, as well as challenges and other material.

Building a community for poker fans

Gaston Catzman, the Twitch manager for partypoker, said: “partypoker’s commitment to building a community for poker fans on Twitch by creating unique, interactive streams aligns well with Sport Buff’s mission to provide fans with an engaging, next-generation experience.”

Sport Buff’s video overlay provides completely immersive and engaging gamification experiences, with the goal of increasing audience retention and education while also delivering real-time interaction. Predictions, surveys, trivia, fun stats, updates, and even emoji sliders and raters will be added to the show.

To take advantage of the latest experiences, players simply need to tune into a broadcast and log into their Twitch account. The features will initially be available only on desktop computers, but they will be made available on mobile devices in the near future.

Brendan Stock, VP of Sport Buff said: “We’re excited to partner with partypoker to power their poker broadcasts with our next-generation gamification platform.

“Together, we are going to change the way that people watch and consume live poker competitions, by driving real-time interaction between the broadcast and the audience. We are going to innovate together to build fun, unique experiences for partypokerTV viewers.”