Sport Buff open the brand new series, ‘Feature Focus’, with an in-depth look at the leaderboard.

The leaderboard is a defining feature of the Sport Buff overlay, adding a unique dynamic to an already stand-out product. Not only do fans have interactive questions to click and vote on: every vote and every correct answer leads to points that are collected and shown on the leaderboard.

Players can compare themselves to others, seeing how they rank against other fans as they prove themselves to be the ‘Buff’ of the game.

This leaderboard can be purely for fun purposes, or broadcasters can use points as a mechanism for giveaways and prizes for those at the top. Sport Buff have seen partners all over the globe use the leaderboard as the basis of giveaways.

To learn more about the leaderboard and how different broadcasters, leagues and federations have used it, check out our video below!