Low6 and Sport Buff have announced a partnership, enabling pool betting directly over sports and esports content, creating more meaningful and monetized fan engagement.

Low6, the sports betting leader in pool play and wagering, and Sport Buff, the company bringing next-generation fan engagement and gamification to sports broadcast and media applications, today announced a new partnership to deliver a comprehensive sports betting solution across all platforms, including broadcast, browser, iOS, Android and OTT.

Using Low6’s redefined and revived sports betting platform with Sport Buff’s unique interactive video overlay, the partnership creates a fully interactive and engaging experience around live sports betting over the top of live action. The technology delivers real-time challenges powered by sports data, letting fans wager with and against friends while watching live games.

“Sport Buff and Low6 are perfectly aligned to create a market leading sports betting platform to
engage with the next generation of fans whose appetites have evolved beyond traditional betting platforms,”

Benn Achilleas, CEO at Sport Buff said.

“Together, we provide the ultimate pool betting experience that directly engages sports fans, delivering greater retention, revenue, and fan insight for our customers.”

The agreement officially forms a partnership between Low6 and Sport Buff after months of collaboration.

“Through our new partnership with Sport Buff, we will deliver the ultimate sports pool betting platform, helping fans engage with their friends around the biggest competitions and enabling longer, more meaningful engagement sessions on our customer’s platforms,”

Low6’s Director Wayne Stevenson said.

“Together, we will bring a new level of interactive fun and data to our offering that is demanded by next generation audiences, creating a seamless wagering platform across our clients, including British Super Bikes, PDC darts, Sheffield Wednesday FC and more.”

Low6 and Sport Buff are set to launch multiple new pool betting and game integrations with select customers including British Super Bikes PDC, and Sheffield Wednesday FC in the coming months.

About Low6

Low6 has redesigned, redefined and revived sports betting by creating a social betting experience with unrivalled player engagement. Low6 is here to eliminate the “House” and provide sports fans with a unique pool betting experience that delivers a winner every time. And winning … doesn’t get old. Low6 is forever changing the way that people bet on sports.

Get more info and a demo at http://www.low6.co.uk

About Sport Buff

Sport Buff are world leaders in next-generation sports fan engagement and gamification. Used by top-tier partners across sports broadcast, tournaments, and platforms. Sport Buff delivers real-time fan engagement (from AI data analysis and pro curators) over the top of sports video and action – live, archive, highlights, social – on every partner platform. Sport Buff is bringing the next level of fan participation in sports data.