Gamification pioneers Sport Buff have been named as one of SportsPro’s Ideas to invest in now – Class of 2021.

The cohort, consisting of 20 emerging sports tech startups, is selected using the opinions of expert investors, advisors, executives and analysts from across the global sports tech ecosystem.

Sport Buff’s platform facilitates a groundbreaking level of audience engagement, allowing fans to play along over the top of live broadcasts or archived content. Their unique overlay allows broadcasters to break the fourth wall, as well as keeping their consumers on their platforms throughout an entire broadcast.

Players can make predictions, answer trivia and give their opinions on the action they’re watching. Correct answers earn points, placing them on Sport Buff’s native leaderboard. The overlay adds a never-before-seen level of fan engagement. Sport Buff have proved their worth over the past year, delivering successful campaigns with global partners such as FIFA, DreamHack and FOX Sports. Those who followed FIFA’s award-winning ‘World Cup at Home’ series will have seen Sport Buff in action over the top of Italia ‘90 highlights on FIFA’s website.

Not only does their product encourage longer and more engaged viewing sessions by audiences, but also another way for broadcasters to monetise and increase revenue. Hashtag United, for example, used Sport Buff to entice new subscribers to their Twitch channel with notable success.

Benn Achilleas, CEO and founder of Sport Buff, said:

“More independent, external validation of the what we are delivering at Sport Buff, our vision and scope”

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