Sport Buff and partner TraxionGG, along with Motorsport Games, set a new Sport Buff record for continuous gamification during the 24 hour Le Mans Virtual Event.

The race was the final part of the epic Le Mans virtual series the TraxionGG Twitch channel, which started towards the end of 2020 and concluded last week.

Sport Buff and partners gamified the stream for 26 consecutive hours, which is the longest continuous event in Sport Buff’s live history.

Over 2,000 people engaged with the overlay, and Sport Buff players watched for 50% longer than those who didn’t. Prizes were on offer for those who topped the leaderboard at intervals throughout the event, and TraxionGG integrated the overlay into the production flow.

The event was proof of Sport Buff’s retention and longevity capabilities – even after a full day of predictions, polls, quizzes and emoji sliders, players were still itching for more Buffs!

Check out our video on the 24 hour Le Mans Virtual Event below, and find out more about our partnership with Motorsport Games here.