Sport Buff’s co-founder and president Jonty Whitehead appeared on the SportsPro podcast to talk all things gamification.

Jonty explained to SportsPro editor Eoin Connolly how gamification and interactive layers are leading to deeper engagement with fans. This, combined with direct monetisation opportunities, mean that these layers will become imperative to all broadcasters in the future.

Jonty joined Sport Buff at the end of 2020 and has helped accelerate the growth of the company in the sports world, with the team already achieving success in the esports sphere prior to his arrival. In fact, Jonty discusses audience behaviour in esports and on streaming websites such as Twitch, where Sport Buff have its own, native overlay.

This isn’t the first podcast appearance Jonty has made – back in November, he appeared on the Wormcast and discussed his past, present, and future.

Check out Jonty’s section, as well as the podcast in full, below!