Activity – To kick off their partnership, Sport Buff’s Twitch extension was activated over eCPL’s ‘Own The North’ FIFA tournament, where players represented a team in the CPL for the chance to play in the North America regional playoffs for the EA Sports FIFA 21 Global Series. The event spanned across two days, with Playstation and Xbox each having their own respective day. This event was one of the first to use Sport Buff’s Twitch extension on mobile.

Results – Both days saw outstanding levels of engagement, with over 40% of viewers using Sport Buff’s extension. Voters, on average, watched for significantly longer than non-voters on both web and mobile, proving that the overlay keeps fans engaged with the action on a long-term basis. The content was a combination of pre-planned and on-the-fly Buffs, showcasing the best of both worlds in a thoroughly entertaining broadcast experience.