Activity – Aa9Skillz hosted a watch-along of Austin FC’s first-ever MLS game against LAFC. Sport Buff provided a layer of interaction over the top, engaging the hardcore MLS fans and educating those who were along for the ride with Aa9 at the same time. Prizes were on offer to those on top of the leaderboard, adding an extra incentive to play along. This event also saw the launch of Sport Buff’s Twitch Mobile extension, expanding our reach even further.

Results – Over 2,500 users played along, with engagement at an outstanding 75% on mobile. Aa9 was as invested as anyone – he played along with the rest of the audience and allowed the Buffs to help steer the conversation. Finally, and maybe most significantly, viewers who watched and buffed at least once had a watch-time which was nearly 1000% longer than those who didn’t buff at all.