Sport Buff President and Co-founder Jonty Whitehead recently appeared on ‘The Wormcast’, giving a fascinating insight into his career and on Sport Buff’s past, present and future.

‘The Wormcast’ is hosted by Jason Wormser and is a podcast dedicated to sports broadcasting around the globe. He interviewed Jonty about his time at SKY Sports, beIN Sports and FOX Sports in the US before delving into Sport Buff and how we’re engaging audiences as no one has ever done before. Jonty revealed how Sport Buff came to be, what his hopes are for the future of the company and how it can work in tandem with the existing framework within global broadcasters.

Jonty has had an illustrious career in sports broadcasting, to say the least, producing mammoth shows such as ‘Super Sunday’ on SKY Sports, and this podcast is a must-listen if you’re interested in what goes on behind the scenes at some of the biggest media corporations in the world.

You can check out the podcast on Spotify or on ‘The Wormcast’ website. Jonty can also be found on LinkedIn.