Activity – Motorsport Games relaunched the Le Mans Virtual Series on TraxionGG, promising it to be bigger and better than ever before. As part of this huge sim racing event, Sport Buff were deployed as the fan engagement tool across all qualifying and rounds. The event started at the end of September and ran all the way through to January 2022, where Sport Buff logged their longest ever event – the 24 hour Le Mans Virtual Event.

Results – Engagement numbers averaged at 40%, showing that the tool as a whole is perfect for engaging fans in the Twitch space. On average, fans who played with Sport Buff watched the streams for 165% longer than fans who watched without. The series was another glowing example of how valuable Sport Buff is at keeping fans watching and engaging for far, far longer. Motorsport and TraxionGG’s giveaways during each round added an extra element of competition for our users, drastically increasing retention and engagement for fans of all eagerness.

Check out our promo video of the partnership below!